Upcoming TTC Service and Route Adjustments: What Toronto Commuters Need to Know


Due to ongoing construction projects, Toronto’s TTC will implement multiple service and route changes starting this Sunday. Here’s a summary of what riders should expect:

Bus and Streetcar Services Resume at Main Street Station
Repairs to the bus loop have finished, and riders will see some service alterations starting Sunday. These include:

  • The 506 Carlton streetcars, as well as bus and Wheel-Trans service, will return to Main Street Station.
  • The 506C Victoria Park-Castle Frank Station replacement buses will cease operations.

St. Clair Power Upgrades Prompt Service Changes
Beginning Sunday, overhead power upgrades are taking place on the 512 St. Clair streetcar route, TTC has announced. Additionally, construction projects from Metrolinx and the city will bring about various alterations:

  • Buses will replace the 512 St. Clair streetcars. Stops will be located on St. Clair Avenue West near station entrances.
  • 33 Forest Hill buses will board passengers on the south side of St. Clair Avenue West, outside of St. Clair West Station.
  • 90 Vaughan buses will be rerouted in both directions to Bathurst Station via Vaughan Road and Bathurst Street.
  • 126 Christie buses will pick up passengers on the north side of St. Clair Avenue West, outside of St. Clair West Station. These changes are expected to last until at least summer 2024, according to the TTC.

Ontario Line Construction Brings Further Alterations
From this Sunday until October 8, routes including 501 Queen, 503 Kingston Road, and 505 Dundas will adapt to facilitate the De Grassi Street bridge construction:

  • 505 Dundas streetcars will replace the 501 Queen streetcar service on Queen Street East, between Broadview Avenue and Neville Park Loop (Sept. 3 to Sept. 22).
  • A 501D Queen bus service will operate between Neville Park Loop and Church Street (Sept. 22 to Oct. 8).
  • Various other service adjustments will occur, affecting routes like the 501D Queen, 301 Queen night bus, 72A Pape, and 503 Kingston Road buses, from Sept. 29 to Oct. 8.

Additional Changes Affecting Long Branch Service
No streetcar service will be available to Long Branch due to infrastructure upgrades, TTC noted. Replacement buses and streetcars will operate until later this fall:

  • 501L Queen replacement buses will run between Long Branch and Dufferin Street.
  • 501A Queen streetcars will serve the stretch between Roncesvalles Avenue and McCaul Street.
  • 504 King streetcars will run between Roncesvalles Avenue and Parliament Street during peak hours.

Commuters are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and stay updated on the latest service adjustments.