Man Arrested in East York Shooting Involving Imitation Firearm

Toronto Police Seek Man for Alleged Imitation Firearm Incident in East End
Travis Adams, 35, is being sought by Toronto police. (TPS)

A 35-year-old man, identified as Travis Adams, has been taken into custody following a shooting incident involving an imitation firearm in an East York residential building.

Incident Details

The alleged shooting transpired on Saturday inside an apartment complex located near the intersection of Dawes Road and Gower Street, a short distance west of Victoria Park Avenue. According to police reports, Adams discharged an imitation firearm inside the building, resulting in injuries to two residents. The nature and severity of the victim’s injuries have not been clarified.

Witnesses at the scene reported that after the incident, the suspect fled in an unknown direction.

Charges Laid

Travis Adams, who reportedly has no fixed address, faces multiple charges in relation to the incident. These include:

  • Two counts of assault with a weapon
  • Use of an imitation firearm during the commission of an indictable offence
  • Two counts of discharging an air gun with intent to wound
  • Possession of a weapon
  • Breach of recognizance

It should be noted that the charges against Adams have not been proven in court.

Court Appearance

The accused is scheduled to make his appearance in court at the Toronto Regional Bail Centre on October 9th.