Intermittent Closures on 401 Ramps at Cedar Creek Expected This Week

Intermittent Closures on 401 Ramps at Cedar Creek Expected This Week
Cedar Creek Road exit on the EB 401 / Google Maps

Drivers who regularly commute using the Cedar Creek Road interchange on the 401 should be ready for some disruptions this week.

Scheduled Closures

Starting Tuesday, October 10th, officials have announced the temporary closure of the Westbound on-ramp and the Eastbound off-ramp to the 401 at Cedar Creek Road. This upcoming Tuesday’s work is anticipated to take place from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. Furthermore, the construction is not limited to Tuesday alone; similar work is slated for Wednesday, October 11th, and Friday, October 13th. On these days, the ramps will be closed between the early hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Advisory for Commuters

Local authorities are urging drivers to take note of these disruptions. “Drivers that normally use that interchange as part of their morning commute are asked to plan an alternate route,” states the advisory. The specifics of the construction or the nature of the work were not detailed in the initial announcement. However, the emphasis has been on ensuring minimal disruption by scheduling most of the work during off-peak hours.

Navigating the Changes

Commuters are advised to stay updated with real-time traffic reports or to use navigation apps that can reroute based on current road conditions. As always, drivers are reminded to exercise caution when approaching construction zones and to follow all posted signs and directives from traffic control personnel.