Montreal Native Killed in Israel Attack While Attending Music Festival

Montreal man among those killed in Hamas attack on Israel, family says
Alexandre Look pictured in one of several photos his father posted to Facebook announcing his death Saturday. (Alain Haim Look/Facebook)

Alexandre Look, a Montreal man visiting Israel, was tragically killed over the weekend during a surprise attack by Hamas at an outdoor music festival near the Gaza-Israel border. The festival, which drew thousands of attendees, became the scene of terror when Hamas gunmen ambushed the event, resulting in over 260 casualties.

A Heroic End

Alexandre, fondly referred to as Alex, died while trying to protect others present at the festival. His father, Alain Haim Look, took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking news. “It is with extreme sadness that we announce the death of our son, Alexandre Look,” wrote Alain. “Like a true warrior, he left as a hero by trying to protect the people who were with him. Alex was a force of nature who possessed a unique charm and a generosity that can’t be matched.”

Shockwaves Through the Community

The Chabad of Westmount, of which Alexandre’s parents are members, echoed this sentiment, expressing deep shock and grief at the news. “Our dear and treasured friends and members of our community, Alain and Raquel Look, lost their son, Alex. Alex was visiting Israel and died in one of the terrorist attacks as he heroically and selflessly saved others while fending off the attackers,” stated the Chabad of Westmount Educational Centre in a Facebook post.

Devorah Shanowitz, program director and educator at the Chabad of Westmount, spoke to CBC News, highlighting the profound loss felt within the community. “There’s a tremendous sense of shock and a deep sense of grieving,” Shanowitz remarked. “They’re wonderful people, they’re kind, generous, positive.”

Members of Montreal’s Jewish community have also taken to social media, sharing memories of those lost in the attacks and expressing solidarity with the families affected.

A Beacon of Hope

In the wake of this tragedy, the Chabad has initiated a campaign to promote acts of kindness in Alexandre’s honor and a fundraiser to support the Look family during these challenging times. “We’re encouraging our community to bring light into this world, to fight with light,” Shanowitz mentioned.

International Concerns

As tensions escalated between Israel and Hamas, resulting in a reported 1,100 deaths and thousands wounded from both sides, Global Affairs Canada released a statement on Sunday. While they have not confirmed Alexandre’s death officially, they mentioned they are aware of reports of a Canadian who died and two others missing following the attacks.

A City Mourns

To honor those lost in the recent conflict, Montreal city hall lowered its flags to half-staff. Premier François Legault condemned the attacks on Twitter, stating that there’s “absolutely no justification for such horrible actions.”

The devastating event has left many grappling with the sudden loss of a young man who, according to Shanowitz, was just “trying to enjoy a slice of life in a very normal way.” The community at large mourns the loss of Alexandre Look, a young man whose brave and selfless actions during the attack will forever be remembered.