Two Quebec Men Arrested in Cambridge for Allegedly Stealing Vehicles Worth $320,000

Two Quebec Men Arrested in Cambridge for Allegedly Stealing Vehicles Worth $320,000
Waterloo police roadblock

Waterloo Regional Police recover four stolen vehicles in ongoing investigation.

Two out-of-province suspects from Quebec, aged 24 and 27, were arrested in Cambridge by the Waterloo Regional Police on Tuesday evening, following reports of a suspicious vehicle incident. The suspects were allegedly caught in the act of loading a stolen vehicle into a shipping container on Dundas Street North.

Suspicious Activity Raises Alarm

Shortly after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, local authorities received a tip about suspicious activities on Dundas Street North. Upon their arrival, the officers witnessed and apprehended the two men as they were seemingly attempting to load a stolen vehicle into a container.

Two police officers are seen at Victoria and Weber streets on Oct. 12, 2022. (CTV News/Dave Pettitt)

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

The initial arrest led to a broader investigation which resulted in the discovery of four stolen vehicles with a combined estimated value of $320,000. Details regarding the makes and models of the vehicles have not been disclosed yet.

Charges Laid

The Quebec men now face serious charges in connection to the thefts. Both individuals are each facing four counts of Possession of stolen property over $5,000 and Trafficking stolen property over $5,000. It remains unclear whether the suspects have secured legal representation or when they will be making their first court appearance.

Ongoing Investigation

The Waterloo Regional Police emphasized that the investigation remains ongoing. They are appealing to the public for any additional information that could aid their inquiries.

Residents are urged to report any suspicious activities and to be cautious about purchasing vehicles from unverified sources.