B.C. Nurse Defends Her Statements on Gender Identity in Disciplinary Hearing

Amy Hamm is the subject of disciplinary proceedings at the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives related to her public statements about transgender people. (Amy Hamm/X.com)

Amy Hamm Stands by Her Views Amid Allegations of Unprofessional Conduct, Citing Protection of Women and Children’s Rights

In what has become a contentious and closely watched disciplinary hearing, B.C. nurse Amy Hamm defended her public statements about transgender people, rejecting accusations of transphobia and maintaining her stance is to protect women and children’s rights in sex-segregated spaces.

Hamm faced the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives panel on Friday, where she is under scrutiny for numerous public statements deemed “derogatory and discriminatory” toward transgender individuals, according to CBC News.

“I’m not transphobic. I don’t have any issue with trans people — it’s the infringement on women and children’s rights,” Hamm articulated to the college disciplinary panel. The New Westminster nurse argues that a “fringe” movement of activists is promoting what she describes as dangerous policies in institutions, influencing official positions on transgender rights and access to gender-affirming care.

The nurse, who frequently identifies herself as such in her social media advocacy, is known for referring to transgender women as “men” and asserting they pose a threat to cisgender women and children. Her vocal stance has led to a citation from the college, alleging unprofessional conduct.

Amy Hamm’s activism for women’s rights, while holding herself as a registered nurse, in September 2020, spurred a regulatory complaint against herHandout

According to Hamm’s testimony, her activism, including co-sponsoring a billboard showing support for J.K. Rowling — who has herself been criticized for comments deemed anti-trans — sparked the college’s investigation in 2021. Hamm has referred to the proceedings as a “witch trial” and believes the college would prefer her to “suicide myself” over facing the allegations.

Amid examples cited, such as the case of Madilyn Harks, a transgender woman with a history of sexual assault against young girls being housed in women’s facilities, Hamm’s concern is palpable. “It makes me extremely, extremely angry, and it feels as though people don’t seem to care what happens to these women,” she stated, per CBC News reports.

Hamm unequivocally rejects the concept of gender identity, which she labels as “anti-scientific, metaphysical nonsense.” However, she assured the panel that she adheres to workplace policies, including using people’s preferred pronouns.

Despite Hamm’s claims that her controversial social media posts are meant to spark conversation, they have attracted serious backlash, including death and rape threats, leading to her current stress leave from her position at a Metro Vancouver hospital.

Controversial Psychologist Testifies as Expert in B.C. Nurse's Discipline Hearing
Since 2021, Toronto psychologist James Cantor has testified in more than 20 cases in the U.S. involving transgender issues.

Expert witness for Hamm’s defense, psychologist James Cantor, faced rigorous questioning from the panel and college lawyers. Cantor suggested that Hamm’s statements could serve a social value by exposing transgender people to diverse opinions. He has previously stated that social media has driven an increase in adolescents identifying as transgender, a claim for which he could not produce peer-reviewed research upon panel inquiry.

Cantor, known for testifying in support of American states with anti-trans laws, admitted a lack of research linking borderline personality disorder claims with transgender identity and indicated that such investigations are stifled by “current culture,” a statement that went unsupported by existing research.

The hearing is set to continue on Monday, with further testimony expected from Hamm.

The B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives has yet to reach a verdict on the matter, as the nursing community and public alike await the outcome of a case that touches on the intersection of professional conduct, free speech, and the rights of transgender individuals in society.