Toronto Police Investigate Multiple Halloween Candy Tampering Incidents Including Nail-Embedded Chocolate Bar

Toronto police are reporting another instance of candy that was tampered with and distributed on Halloween. TPS/Handout

Toronto Police are issuing a public safety alert following several reports of Halloween candy tampering across the Greater Toronto Area, with the latest incident involving a chocolate bar containing a nail discovered in the St. Clair West and Lansdowne area.

On Sunday, authorities were called to the neighbourhood of McRoberts Avenue and St. Clair Avenue West, close to Lansdowne Avenue, after an adult reported finding a nail in a pre-wrapped chocolate bar while eating the treat. Images released by the police suggest the compromised candy is a popular brand, Coffee Crisp.

The individual who reported the incident sustained minor injuries but thankfully did not ingest the nail. The contaminated confectionery was reportedly collected on October 31st, in the vicinity of McRoberts Avenue, spanning between Rogers Road and St. Clair Avenue West.

“This is the fourth incident of suspected Halloween candy tampering reported in the GTA in the past week,” a spokesperson for the Toronto Police mentioned, highlighting the disturbing trend observed this year. Prior reports included two needles found in separate chocolate bars in south Mississauga and a thumb tack in candy near Keele and Lawrence.


Toronto police have not only cautioned but also reminded families about the importance of inspecting all Halloween treats prior to consumption. The recent string of events has raised concern among local residents and authorities alike, emphasizing the need for vigilance.

As the investigation continues, Toronto Police are appealing to the public for further information regarding this incident or any other related to candy tampering. The series of unfortunate discoveries have cast a shadow over post-Halloween festivities, prompting increased scrutiny of holiday treats.

Toronto Police are asking anyone with information to come forward and contact local authorities to assist in these investigations. The aim is to ensure the safety of the community and prevent any further such occurrences.

In the meantime, the community is advised to remain alert and report any suspicious activity immediately. Halloween is a time for fun and treats, but it’s crucial that this does not come at the cost of safety.