Montreal Billionaire Accused of Decades-Long Sexual Exploitation

Now in her late 50s, Carmen says she was only 12 years old when Montreal businessman Robert Miller allegedly abused her in 1977. (Ivanoh Demers/Radio-Canada)

In a shocking revelation, Carmen (a pseudonym), now comes forward with allegations of sexual exploitation against Montreal billionaire Robert G. Miller, dating back to 1977 when she was only 12 years old. This account adds to the growing list of accusations against the reclusive tech magnate, as uncovered in a joint investigation by Radio-Canada’s Enquête and CBC’s The Fifth Estate earlier this year.

Early Trauma Recalled

Carmen, whose real identity remains concealed for family reasons, recounts her harrowing experience, stating, “I still have nightmares about what happened when I was a child.” According to her affidavit, Miller, a family friend, began abusing her in 1977, marking what may have been the inception of his alleged predatory behavior.

The abuse allegedly began when Miller, then in his mid-30s, was visiting Carmen’s family. He offered to babysit Carmen while her family went out, a decision that led to the first instance of abuse. “I cried because he hurt me, but I felt completely violated, without knowing what that word even meant,” Carmen recalls.

A Pattern of Abuse

Carmen describes a pattern of regular visits from Miller, during which he would pay her varying amounts of money for sexual acts. This pattern of exploitation continued for years, deeply impacting her life. “He took everything away from me,” Carmen expressed, detailing the profound psychological and emotional toll the abuse took on her.

A rare photo of Miller. (Forbes/Lumisculpt/Asbed)

The Investigation and Its Aftermath

The allegations against Miller first came to light in February 2023, following the CBC and Radio-Canada investigation. The investigation exposed an elaborate network allegedly involving high-ranking employees at Miller’s company, Future Electronics, who facilitated his interactions with underage girls. Following these revelations, Miller stepped down as CEO, and the company was later sold for over $5 billion.

Legal Proceedings and the Class-Action Lawsuit

Carmen, along with over 40 other women, has joined a not-yet-certified class-action lawsuit against Miller. Additionally, three individual lawsuits totaling nearly $30 million have been filed in Quebec Superior Court. These legal actions underscore the gravity and scale of the allegations against Miller, who continues to deny all accusations.

Wider Implications

Carmen’s account, as painful as it is, suggests that Miller’s alleged actions spanned decades, starting as far back as the 1970s. This timeline significantly predates the previous earliest reported incidents from the 1990s.

Personal Struggle and Resolution

Despite the immense challenges, Carmen credits her husband and therapy for helping her confront her past. Her decision to join the lawsuit and speak out represents a powerful step in her journey toward healing and justice. However, the lasting impact of her experiences is evident. “It ruined my entire life, and that’s not an exaggeration,” she asserts.