Controversial ‘Queen of Canada’ and Followers Depart from Richmound Village School”

Romana Didulo, centre, and her supporters.Twitter

In a significant development, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” Romana Didulo, a known figure within the QAnon movement, and her followers have vacated the school in Richmound, Saskatchewan, where they had been residing for over two months. The departure follows a series of events involving fire code violations and heightened tensions within the community.

Romana Didulo and her supporters were in this abandoned school in Richmound owned by Rick Manz.Courtesy Cherish Francis

Sudden Departure After Authorities Intervene

The departure occurred shortly after a confrontation with local authorities. According to Mayor Brad Miller, officials including the fire chief, a building inspector, and a bylaw officer attempted to enter the school on Wednesday following the discovery of a fire code violation. The group had a heater propped up on a propane tank, a setup deemed hazardous.

“Right after [the authorities’ visit] they were scurrying around just like bunch of little chickens, or whatever. And they’re going nuts actually, just hooking up RVs or the camper trailers,” Mayor Miller described the scene following the attempted intervention.

Residents protest cult leader Romana Didulo and her followers who have taken over an abandoned school in the tiny village of Richmound in Saskatchewan. Courtesy Cherish Francis

Community Distress and Legal Ramifications

Didulo and her followers’ presence in Richmound caused notable distress among residents. The group had been known for following and filming villagers, issuing threatening “cease-and-desist” letters, and exacerbating community tensions.

Ricky Manz, the owner of the school who initially invited Didulo’s group, is now sought by police after missing a court date for an assault charge, further complicating the situation.

Saskatchewan RCMP set up a temporary mobile RCMP detachment to Richmound that is staffed 24/7 so they can respond faster to any calls. They had an increased police presence during the weekend’s protests. Courtesy Cherish Francis

Ongoing Concerns and Legal Precautions

Despite their relocation to a farm approximately 11 kilometers from Richmound, concerns remain among villagers about the group’s potential return. Mayor Miller indicated that the village is exploring legal avenues to prevent such a scenario, though specifics were not disclosed.

The village had previously witnessed several protests calling for the cult’s removal, reflecting the high level of distress caused by the group’s activities.

Cult's Threats and Tensions Escalate in Saskatchewan's Richmound Village
In her letters and online postings Romana Didulo claims to be the ‘sovereign of the republic of Canada.” She and her followers are currently living at an old school in Richmound, Sask. (Bitchute)

Background on Romana Didulo

Romana Didulo, who has falsely claimed to be the ‘Queen of Canada,’ is a central figure in the Canadian QAnon community. She has been known for issuing decrees, including calls for violent actions against those administering COVID-19 vaccines and encouraging her followers to use pseudo-legal documents to evade debts. Her actions have led to some followers facing utility shutoffs and housing risks.

The severity of the situation was highlighted by reports of Didulo and her followers threatening public executions of various community members, including the Village Council, fire chief, village staff, an RCMP officer, EMS personnel, and several journalists. These threats were shared on social media platforms, raising significant concerns about public safety.


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