Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and Provincial Government Sign Key Firearms Safety Agreement

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, left, sits next to Métis Nation-Saskatchewan president Glen McCallum as they sign the memorandums of understanding on Saturday. (Liam O'Connor)

In a significant move to bolster firearms education and safety, the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) and the provincial government have signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The agreement, finalized at the Métis Nation legislative assembly in Saskatoon, marks a collaborative effort to promote responsible firearms use and recognize cultural practices.

Educational Initiatives and Rights Protection

The MOU, spearheaded by Premier Scott Moe and MN-S President Glen McCallum, outlines several initiatives aimed at enhancing firearms safety and education within the Métis community. These measures include:

  • Extensive Firearms Education and Licensing: The goal is to extend education and licensing to as many community members as possible, fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership.
  • Reducing Unnecessary Criminalization: The agreement focuses on minimizing the criminalization of individuals for regulatory offences, promoting a more understanding and practical approach to firearms regulation.
  • Compensation for Seized Firearms: Addressing the need for appropriate compensation in cases where firearms are seized, the MOU seeks to balance law enforcement concerns with the rights of gun owners.
  • Safeguarding Privileges: An emphasis on protecting the current and future privileges of gun owners underlines the agreement’s commitment to respecting lawful firearms use.
Premier Scott Moe makes his address at the 2023 Métis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon. (Liam O’Connor/CBC)

Funding and Collaboration

Under the MOU, the provincial Firearms Office is exploring a funding agreement of up to $50,000 to establish a community educator role. This position will be pivotal in promoting firearms licensing, training, and safety education specifically tailored to the MN-S citizens.

Cultural Significance and Historical Practices

Both Premier Moe and President McCallum highlighted the cultural and historical significance of hunting and trapping in their remarks. Premier Moe emphasized the paramount importance of these activities to Indigenous and Métis people in Saskatchewan. McCallum added that the MOU represents a tool to cultivate recognition and understanding of Métis culture and lifestyle, particularly the responsible harvesting practices inherent to their community.

The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) signed two agreements with the provincial premier on Saturday, including one that addresses firearms education and permitting. (Noah Rishaug)

Future Goals and Collaboration

The MOU is scheduled to take effect on January 1st, 2024, and will remain in effect until the start of 2025. It signifies a starting point for deeper cooperation between the Métis government and the Saskatchewan government. The two parties aim to work closely on increasing the presence of Métis people within the provincial government and to discuss further strengthening of their governments through mutual dialogue and idea sharing.

Critique of Federal Regulations

Premier Moe used this opportunity to critique federal regulations, suggesting that the MOU could serve as a model for larger legislation across Canada. He expressed his vision of the MOU as a foundational step for all Saskatchewan and potentially all Canadian people.