Charges Dropped Against Woman Accused in Ambassador Bridge Blockade

Authorities work to remove a blockade at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont., on Feb. 12, 2022. (Rich Garton / CTV WIndsor)

The charges against Nycole Di-Credico, a Windsor woman implicated in planning the blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, have been dropped, according to her lawyer, Dan Scott. This blockade, which lasted a week, had caused significant disruption, blocking billions of dollars in trade.

Windsor police initially charged Di-Credico with mischief, alleging her involvement in the planning of the blockade on Huron Church Road, leading to the Ambassador Bridge. However, in a recent development, it was confirmed to CTV News that these charges have been withdrawn.

The blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, a critical trade route between Canada and the United States, had significant economic impacts, drawing national attention to the protest actions.

In addition to Di-Credico, William Laframboise, another Windsor resident, was also charged with mischief in connection to the same event. Unlike Di-Credico, Laframboise’s case is proceeding to trial, expected to commence in the new year.