Doctor Leaves Northern Manitoba Community Early, Faces Lawsuit for Unpaid Loan

Dr. Andrea Wilson, a family doctor recruited to work for a decade in The Pas, a northern Manitoba community, left after just 16 months and is now refusing and/or neglecting to repay a $100,000 interest-free loan, according to documents filed in court. (Shutterstock)

Dr. Andrea Wilson, who was recruited to work for a decade in The Pas, a northern Manitoba community, left after just 16 months, prompting a legal dispute over an unpaid $100,000 interest-free loan. According to documents filed in court, as reported by CBC News, Wilson is accused of breaching her agreement with The Pas Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA).

Background of the Agreement

Wilson signed a loan agreement with The Pas CDC on April 1, 2019, after completing her family medicine residency at the University of Manitoba. She agreed to work a minimum of 880 clinical hours annually over ten years (2020-2030) in The Pas. However, she moved to Vancouver in November 2021, breaching the contract.

The Breach and Legal Implications

The lawsuit filed by the CDC claims Wilson refused and/or neglected to repay the $100,000 loan. The agreement stipulated that she must repay the loan if the contract was terminated early, cancelled for cause, or if she was dismissed for cause. In November 2022, Wilson was notified that she had breached the NRHA agreement, leading to its cancellation.

Wilson was hired by Mint Integrative Health in Vancouver, which posted a notice on Nov. 23, 2021, heralding her arrival as an integrative general practitioner. (Facebook)

Wilson’s Current Employment

After leaving The Pas, Wilson was hired by Mint Integrative Health in Vancouver, as indicated by a social media post from November 2021. She has since moved to another clinic in the city. Attempts to reach Wilson for comment were unsuccessful, as she is reportedly away for several weeks.

Response from The Pas CDC and NRHA

The Pas CDC and its lawyer, Jonathan Paterson, declined to comment due to the ongoing legal proceedings. The NRHA also refrained from commenting on the legal case but emphasized its continuous efforts in recruiting family physicians.

About six million Canadians, or one in five, don’t have a family physician. A survey by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities found more than 90 per cent of 137 municipalities are reporting doctor shortages. (CBC)

Broader Context of Doctor Shortages

The situation in The Pas reflects a wider issue in rural Manitoba, where over 90% of municipalities report doctor shortages, according to a survey by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM). AMM President Kam Blight described the situation as a “massive problem” across Manitoba and Canada.

Perspectives on Rural Healthcare Recruitment

Dr. Nadin Gilroy, representing the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, emphasized the importance of matching doctors with suitable communities. She pointed out that financial incentives alone might not suffice, as physicians also seek a sense of belonging and work-life balance. Gilroy advocated for creative solutions, such as allowing doctors to split their practice between locations, to ensure long-term commitment to rural communities.